You are not alone. Most people do, including myself!

      It’s reassuring that most people, even those that are otherwise usually quite confident:

      • won’t know where to put their hands,
      • will feel a tad anxious before the session.

      It’s a completely normal reaction because you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position, ultimately handing the photographer control over how you will look. That’s why choosing a photographer that you can trust is so important.


      What is the best way to choose a photographer that you can trust?

      The answer is simple, Search for a photographer that gives you enough time to warm up! If the photographer offers a longer session, it’s because they prioritise having time to gain your trust and take the best photos ever.

      Even if you aim to keep just a couple of photos, a longer session will give you more variety and will make sure the photographer has enough time to find the light that suits you best (yep, each person has their own light that will suit them the best!) and the photos that you can say, Yep, that’s me and that’s how I see myself!

      Sessions that have a short set time limit (20-30 minutes) can be the most challenging for most people as there’s no time to warm up. A longer session will ensure that you have enough variety of expressions, backgrounds and clothes and will capture multiple features of your personality, which is always refreshing when it comes to choosing the photos that speak to you (and your family.)

      Connection is Key

      If you are having a family photo session the focus is spread amongst you all. This makes it easier because you’ll be connecting with your kids and this really helps you forget that there’s a photoshoot going on.

      The same goes with the location, if you can relate to the location you are photographing, the photoshoot will flow smoothly as you’ve been there, you know what you like and why, and your connection will show on camera. Clothes, props – it all follows the same rule – the more you connect, the better the photos will be!

      Ask the photographer what are their tricks to help their subjects to relax.

      I personally rely on chatting and instructing real activities. This can be as simple as going upstairs or passing your hands through your hair or playing with your rings… These things really help to get ourselves out of our minds and be a bit less self-conscious and just enjoy the photoshoot!

      But good portrait photographer will listen to what you want and who you are. Each person has their own vision of themselves and the photographer won’t know if you want a moody black-and-white photo, a candid photo that feels effortless, or a photo that has a sense of place or that highlights your profession.

      A good portrait photographer will also propose something to help break the ice and make (not take) the photo you have always dreamed about!

      Props always help. A lot.

      Sunglasses, a bag, a cup of tea, flowers, a jacket or any object that you can relate to can be really helpful to give a purpose to your actions during the photoshoot. They will make the whole thing feel more natural and more personal, which will definitely show in the end result. And you’ll know where to put your hands! ;-D

      Let me know if you have any questions or if you have had any good (or bad) experiences in a photoshoot?