The photos were taken at Epping Forest and their family home in East London, which they were renovating at the moment of the photo session and this proves that you don’t need to have a picture perfect home to have gorgeous family photos.


      The family photo session was held in a freezing Winter day, at the beginning of February. Kids can be grumpy when they first go out in the cold, but a quick physical play will cheer and warm them up. This is obviously not true for a baby. That’s why we decided to split the session between the forest and their home, where I would be able to take portraits of the baby’s beautiful expressions. The Epping Forest was only 10 minutes way from their family home, which made it very easy for us and the kids.

      What were the kid’s ages?

      The toddler was 2 years old and the baby was 6 months old.

      What are your highlights of this session?

      Did you notice how the dad’s and daughter’s colourful puffer jacket popped out agains the bare Winter trees? It definitely brightens up what would otherwise be a miserable day.  I absolutely love that photo and it shows that with a good awareness of the light, a good camera and a little touch of colour, a Winter family photo can be as cheerful as a Summer holiday.

      I also love the throw we used as a backdrop for the baby portraits. It’s from a small business called Om Baby.

      The couple wanted that I photographed candid moments and their little girl rose to the occasion (as if that was difficult for a toddler – they always do wonderful crazy stuff that my camera absolutely adores!) She was playing with her baby brother like if he was horse and as you can see by his expression, he was finding it hilarious. I loved that I could capture the very brief moment he looked at the camera as it gives a really good feeling to the image (for the worriers, of course their mom was by her side making sure the baby was okay!)


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