Why natural newborn photos?

      Being very close to nature, these first-time parents wanted something different from the very posed newborn-in-a-basket style. They wanted photos that were still artistic but more laid back and true to their lifestyle.

      Why did the parents want to have their photos at home?

      They had just renovated their home, which was a labour of love. During the house works, they had to use the loo of a pub nearby during the building work (no toilet at home for days!) and, after investing so much time (and dough!), they wanted their beautiful industrial flat to also take front stage, and I don’t blame them – they’ve created a peaceful nest even though they live in a busy part of London (near the City.)

      The light in the flat was delightfully moody which worked really well for black and white photographs. The flat had those beautiful arch windows, bricks and beams, and I of course made the most of them!

      How did you choose the outfits?

      The parents decided themselves what they would wear and I love their choices. I always like to give outfit suggestions before the sessions but my recommendations are meant to guide the parents towards the colours and style that are true to themselves. As I always say, the natural family photo sessions are an enhanced version of your everyday life. You do you at your best and I’ll make the photos look spontaneously gorgeous!

      How did the session go? Any hiccups?

      The newborn baby girl needed many breastfeeding breaks. She was what I call a PROPER newborn! No sweat, though. I’m very generous with my time, my work is completely bespoke and the family sessions are specifically tailored to accommodate what happens to be the children’s behaviour and needs (or quirks!) on the session day. Actually, I like to think I make the most of them. While the baby was feeding, I could put mama at ease and prepare the next sequence of photos she was dreaming about.