I took great care to put together this price structure so it is very simple to understand and transparent, with no hidden fees. All you’ve got to do is to book your session and choose the digital collection and/or printed artworks that you want to keep.


      First things first. All family, baby and headshot sessions are £190 and they include:

      • Up to 3-hour photo session in one or two locations of your choice (which could be your home, or at an outdoor location such as a park nearby or a place you love to go with your family). Pets and grandparents are welcome!
      • A relaxed chat/email to prepare the session (with tips on what to wear and what to expect)
      • My editing time, which as a rule of thumb is twice the time of the session (a 3-hour session results in approximately 6 hours of editing.) You’ll get an exquisite high-quality post-processing technique, which will enable you to print your photos with gallery-standard quality.
      • A password-protected online gallery to select the photos you’d like to keep.
      • Please note that the photo session fee doesn’t include any prints or digital photographs. Prints and digital files are available to buy separately.

      After your session, you can choose from a range of digital photo collections and printed artworks.

      (you can check the starting prices by hovering over the images)

      Do you want to request our brochure with all the info and prices of our printed and digital photos?

      You can also send me a message with your questions by clicking on the image below.


      Naomi_Elinora_mum_and_baby_photoshoot_PaulaSiqueiraPhotography_ 25a

      Or click on the arrows below to read the answers to the most common questions about the photo sessions.

      How long does it last?
      Around 3 hours. I will be photographing while you are having fun with your children (there will even be enough time to accommodate your children’s mood – just in case you are worried about your little one having one of their unpredictable days…!)
      Where does it take place?
      In a location of your choice. The session can be split between your home and a place your family loves to go, such as a park, tennis club, an urban forest, an allotment, a tour of the neighbourhood backstreets… You can always opt for a nearby town or a family holiday home (additional fee might apply.) All the sessions I offer are bespoke and are perfect when you are looking for that extra special personal touch.
      How much does it cost?
      The session fee is £190. Prints and digital photos are available to buy separately. Please send me an email to receive the full price list.
      What is it included?
      A 3-hour photo session. Travel time and costs (within London.) Editing time. Creation of an online password-protected gallery, with a minimum of 40 photos, from which the family will be able to purchase the photos they want to keep.
      What's the best time for the session?
      I ask the parents to book the session when their kids are fresh, which is usually early in the morning. In terms of light, the closer we are to the sunrise (or sunset), the best - and I'm always very keen to arrive at the location really early (as long as that works for you as well.)
      What happens after the session?
      You'll receive a password-protected gallery where you'll be able to choose your digital photos. You'll also have the opportunity to order selected printed artworks that will go with your home. Do not worry though, this is completely optional and there won't be any sort of hard sell.
      How can I book?
      Just drop me a message and we'll find the best time that works for both of us.
      Will you give advice regarding the clothes for the session?
      Yes, I'd love to exchange some messages to find the colour palette that you gravitate around and that matches your location of choice. I also have many tips where you can find cute kid's clothes that work for every style and budget.
      What if the weather is bad?
      You won't have to worry about UK weather at last! All the Lifestyle Photo Sessions are planned so we have your home as a backup (or as the main location if you so wish.) I can capture your family with your home as the background, which will immediately help you and your children relax as you will all be in your most familiar environment. Many of my clients think their house is not beautiful enough, or is a little bit on the messy side. Please don't worry, as I will guide you to find the best rooms to take photos and we will adjust them to your liking and to the best available light. I will also give you many tips on how to prepare your home and make the most of your time (remember, we don't need to photograph in every room, or show everything!)
      Do you offer other photo sessions with a special discount?
      Yes, I offer occasionally mini sessions where I'll either try new locations or do multiple sessions at once. I also offer a Mum and Baby Photo Session that has a special price range. Please send me a message if you are interested in hearing more about any of those.
      I’m looking forward to hearing from you!