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      Hi Paula

      We have now received the photographs for our 7 th birthdays from our day in the marshes. They are amazing! We have printed off so many and surrounded ourselves with them. We couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present.

      It was great to meet you. We hope to plan your photo shoot as an annual event now.

      Best wishes

      Chris and Pete Jones

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      We recently employed Paula for a Lifestyle photoshoot at our home, with our toddler and newborn. We completed a questionnaire in advance allowing us to give details of what we wanted to achieve from the photoshoot and information about us as a family. The shoot was relaxed, as Paula took the lead of our toddler and initiated activities that she knew she was interested in.

      The results are better than we ever could have hoped for. Paula has captured our toddler’s personality beautifully, and even managed to get a few gorgeous smiles from our 10 weeks old.

      Paula’s approach is extremely thorough, she really knows how to deal with children and asks the right questions in advance to prepare for meeting them.

      I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paula to other families, her photos are incredible - we could not be more delighted!

      Rebecca Slegg

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      We had Paula take some family pics a few weeks ago. We have a very bold 5-year old who wanted to take the pictures and a very lively 1 year old who wouldn’t look at the camera so we expected the session to be a little challenging. However Paula was so patient, friendly and kind with the children, she let them just play and have fun. We had a really lovely hour just being together. It felt very natural (nothing too posed except for a couple of group family shots). The results were wonderful, they are above and beyond what I was expecting. We’ve ended up with more pictures than we intended as there are just so many beautiful shots.

      Hannah Rutledge

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      Paula is a brilliant photographer and a genuinely lovely person. We had a really fun and memorable day taking photos in the forest with her and look forward to another photoshoot soon!

      Violet Koska

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      We absolutely love Paula's pictures of our family. She had a particular talent for putting you me (a very nervous subject) at ease in front of the camera - and for getting smiles out of our small baby! Lovely, natural pictures that we will treasure.

      Janqui Mehta

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      Recommending the lovely Paula Siqueira who did a photoshoot with my family yesterday.

      Despite an early start in the forest she made the whole event fun and relaxed. She's great with children and works hard at gaining their trust.

      She's currently occupying the pop up space in Central Parade and has a special offer on for WF families for September. Check out her portfolio here:

      Naomi Raymond

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      I'd like to recommend Paula Siqueira Photography ( for family pictures. We've got family pictures that we will cherish forever, very playful and natural. We loved the photos so much that we've got Paula to take pictures of our family when they came over for Christmas (it was a brilliant Xmas present to all). Paula is also really friendly and great with kids, teenagers and adults - she wants to capture the best of all in that shot

      Monica Lobo

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      Paula is an outstanding photographer, she instantly connected with my 4-year-old daughter, and the photo shoot just felt like a play date.
      She captured beautiful family moments to cherish forever. Paula is very patient and very friendly and passionate about her work we are very pleased with all her photos.

      Maria Jorge

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      Paula has such a genuine warmth and energy about her, she really does have the gift of a photographer that is very, very good with people. My partner and I were completely relaxed with her, and our new baby girl lit up with all the attention! When the smiles and laughs come naturally they make for the best photos. I cannot recommend Paula enough for photos that capture a beautiful and honest little snapshot into your family life.

      Stephanie Cobb

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      Paula is a very experienced photographer, we were a bit afraid to get someone who would make us feel uncomfortable, but we definitely made the right choice. Very competent, simple and talented. Very nice as a person too, what ended up giving us a very nice experience and a very nice day. We will definitely get her to do more photos to our family again. Highly recommended!!!

      Anella Pelluso and Thiago Avallone

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      I loved the video you made, it is gorgeous! I was enchanted by it! All my family also loved it, you are an amazing professional!
      Thanks a lot, your work is really wonderful!

      Silvia Rossi Fermo

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      While I’m looking at the photos of my mum that you so generously and kindly took, I realise it’s challenging to put into words what I feel – the images speak so loudly for themselves! I can say I definitely feel happy because the images made me think how beauty is always present no matter what age you are, you only have to be able to convey it.
      I also feel inspired by the photos, they were a symbolic opportunity for my mum to restart her life after a huge loss she went through. I’m so proud that she’s trying her best to get over it, it is wonderful to see her fighting to live with quality.
      I also feel thankful. The images show your care and love for each stage, from way before the clicks, when you told her about the photos and, with patience and sensitiveness, made her mind, to the final product that showcases great technical skills and huge sensibility.

      Flavia and Regina Barros

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      Paula produced a beautiful video slide of our school’s summer fair. The result was simply breath-taking. We were both enchanted and delighted as she managed to capture the essence of our party and the overall spirit of our school and all its wonderful characters so beautifully.

      Her sensitivity and eye for detail, recording our kids shone through and we will be eternally grateful to have such a vivid and incredible memory of a wonderful day.

      Thank you, thank you!

      Alice Soares, Clube dos Brasileirinhos - Brazilian Portuguese School in London

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      It was incredible how you managed to capture my son’s essence. I can see in every frame how he truly is – a free spontaneous full-of-life toddler. The photos were at the same time delicate and impressive, sensitive and spontaneous.

      A photographic camera usually feels intimidating to me but you managed to make it almost invisible. I was amazed how you could fit so well in our family life without disturbing it. This is definitely a special gift.

      Thanks very much for the gorgeous photos that I’ll keep close to my heart!

      Tayra Bueno, Ruda's mum

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      Your photos are gorgeous, such a generous and sensitive look at my family intimacy. I loved them. Thank you so much!

      Yana Tamayo, Tito's Mum

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      We’ve got messages from our family and friends saying that we should have the photos in every corner of our house. We thought they were genuinely beautiful and different from the photos we usually get from family photographers!

      Guilherme Bacalhao, Luca's dad

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      Caio’s mum: Did you like the photo session?

      Caio: Yes!

      Caio’s mum: What did you like the most ?

      Caio: Laughing!

      Caio, 5 years old, Ricardo and Marcia Roth's son

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