Lifestyle Children and Family Photo Session


      I firmly believe that your family life is beautiful as it is. No matter what’s happening in your life, no matter what you’ve been through, there will be something – a gesture, a hug, a place, a person, your family, words – that will cheer you up, make you laugh, and give you the strength to carry on.

      The Lifestyle Family Photo Sessions were specially created to capture in an artistic way those people, things and places that form who you are.


      The Lifestyle Photo Sessions are based on what your children and your family love to do together, which means your family won’t feel it’s too formal and will just enjoy it.

      Having some playful activities during the session is usually the backbone of all lifestyle photo sessions. They invigorate the children’s short attention spans and open the door for a better connection between me and your family. As they also include some repetitive behaviour, they give me different chances to position myself in order to capture the most beautiful light and backgrounds. Also this encourages your family members to engage naturally with each other, which adds another dimension to the lifestyle photographs.


      A lifestyle approach doesn’t mean you won’t have beautiful timeless portraits. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Since portraits will be taken in between the playing activities, I’ll have plenty of time to bond with you and your children, and this will allow me to capture portraits that feel very natural. I will also be able to capture the full range of cute expressions of your children at this particular moment of their lives!

      Especially for the family photos, I’ll usually start with a general pose as this will help make sure everyone is feeling comfortable. Each family will have their own preferences, I always love to listen to your ideas of how you want to be portrayed (there are many examples on my website, feel free to browse to get some inspiration.)


      A good location usually means a place where your children feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s as simple as that. As we know, children love it when they can run free, so parks and pedestrian streets become the number 1 choice for family photography.

      I always like to have your home as a backup in case of bad weather and parents are usually very surprised at how great the photos can look in their less than perfect home (of course if your home has some nice features, we’ll always try to use them!) Especially for babies and young toddlers, your home is the perfect location as they will feel more secure and is where they have their usual routine. This will also reduce the chances of your little one having a moody day!

      How long does it last?
      Around 3 hours. I will be photographing while you are having fun with your children (there will even be enough time to accommodate your children’s mood – just in case you are worried about your little one having one of their unpredictable days…!)
      Where does it take place?
      In a location of your choice. The session can be split between your home and a place your family loves to go, such as a park, tennis club, an urban forest, an allotment, a tour of the neighbourhood backstreets… You can always opt for a nearby town or a family holiday home (additional fee might apply.) The Lifestyle Family Photo Sessions are bespoke and are perfect when you are looking for that extra special personal touches.
      Can you give some examples of the activities we could do with our kids?
      Sure! Here we go: Breakfast in bed, a pillow fight, playing and snuggling in bed, tickling, a tea party, climbing trees, board games, peekaboo for the youngest, story reading, bathtub time, spinning, throwing kids in the air, dancing, baking, role play, gardening, colouring, riding a scooter/bike, rope jumping... You name it! The important thing is that your children already enjoy the activities we'll be doing during the session, so they can feel comfortable straightway and just enjoy it. This is the best way to capture their beautiful facial expressions and your lovely family interactions.
      How much does it cost?
      The session fee is £190. Prints and digital photos are available to buy separately. Please send me an email to receive the full price list.
      What is it included?
      A 3-hour photo session. Travel time and costs (within London.) Editing time. Creation of an online password-protected gallery, with a minimum of 40 photos, from which the family will be able to purchase the photos they want to keep.
      What if the weather is bad?
      You won't have to worry about UK weather at last! Lifestyle Photo Sessions are planned so we have your home as a backup (or as the main location if you so wish.) I can capture your family with your home as the background, which will immediately help you and your children relax as you will all be in your most familiar environment. Many of my clients think their house is not beautiful enough, or is a little bit on the messy side. Please don't worry, as I will guide you to find the best rooms to take photos and we will adjust them to your liking and to the best available light. I will also give you many tips on how to prepare your home and make the most of your time (remember, we don't need to photograph in every room, or show everything!)