With a baby-led approach to the photo session, I follow the lead of the baby and photograph them doing the routine activities that they love. This will make them feel safe and happy, which means I can easily fit in some individual portraits and family portraits between the activities. This also means I will have time to capture the full range of their cutest expressions.


      For newborns and babies, I recommend your home as the main location for our session. Babies usually feel much more reassured if they are in a familiar environment where they can have their routine. The more comfortable they feel, the better expressions they will give me and the smoother the session will go by. If you have more than one child, we can split the session between a nearby park, where your oldest will feel at their element, and your home, where your baby will be thrilled!


      Many parents worry about not having a “magazine-styled” home or a home with enough light. Rest assured the majority of the sessions you see in my portfolio were “typical” homes, not like the ones you may see on Instagram. It’s my job to take a snapshot of your family life and then create magic with it. If we need to, we will move some furniture, go into areas of your home you may not think are ideal, but I believe will produce amazing results! Also keep in mind, that many of the photos I will be taking are of you interacting. What is in the background will be slightly blurry and will be an accent rather than the main feature. We do not have to use rooms you don’t like of course and we will plan which rooms in your home will work best for what we are going for (If you do have a home with fun or glamorous elements, we will of course use them!)


      The Baby and Newborn Session lasts around 3 hours. I  won’t be photographing all the time, but I want to make sure we have enough time to deal with the baby’s mood at that specific day and even wait if they feel like napping or feeding during the session. Also, since children, and especially babies, have a natural short attention span, I make sure I can accommodate multiple breaks if they need so. don’t rush and ruin their mood. That’s why a minimum of 90 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours is perfect to engage them in a very spontaneous way.


      Do not worry –  I literally need just a fraction of a second to capture a smile, and I’m known for my patience with children. I genuinely think they are wonderful creatures and love to make time to get to know their personality! The truly beautiful thing about the lifestyle photo session is that there’s time to capture the full range of a child’s personality. This is especially important because hopefully, they won’t pout anymore once they grow up so that’s the best to photograph their wonderful quirky behaviour!

      All about your session

      How does it work?

      What is included?

      A 3-hour photo session.
      Travel time and costs (within London.)
      Editing time.
      Creation of an online password-protected gallery, with a minimum of 40 photos, from which the family will be able to purchase the photos they want to keep.

      How much does it cost?

      The session fee is £190. Prints and digital photos are available to buy separately. Please send me an email to receive the full price list.

      How about the weather?

      You won't have to worry about UK weather at last! Lifestyle Newborn and Baby Photo Sessions usually take place at your home! Many of my clients think their house is not beautiful enough, or is a little bit on the messy side! Please don't worry, as I will guide you to find the best rooms to take photos and we can adjust them to your liking and to the best available light. I will also give you numerous tips on how to prepare your home and make the most of our time together (remember, we don't need to photograph in every room in your home, or show every part of it!)

      Will you send us any tips about what to expect, what to wear and how to prepare our home?

      Yes, I'll send you an email with many suggestions and I'll also be happy to chat about any ideas, suggestions or worries that you may have!