Why did they book a natural family photography session with social distancing?

      Just after the lockdown was partially lifted, the parents wanted to have what they love to do as a family captured in an artistic way. Not only for themselves but also for sharing with their relatives who live far away (some of them in Australia!) And they wanted to be safe.

      The preparation for a family photography session with social distancing is very similar to what I’ve always done. The first step is sending a questionnaire to the family where I ask what their favourite activities are (either the whole family’s or the children’s). I absolutely love it when the parents give me as much information as possible. It really helps with my creative process. For this family photography session, I got the following list:

      picnics 🙂

      kite flying

      Jumping! In puddles, off things, over things, or just because!

      balancing on logs (Then jumping off – see above)


      playing with sticks

      pretending to be a princess fairy with her magic wand – and turning everyone either into a frog or INVISIBLE


      pretending / role-playing games

      reciting stories / pretending to read

      feeding horses

      playing with stones, sand, making flags with twigs and leaves


      rainbows and umbrellas

      Being carried ha!

      hide and seek, playing catch

      sock puppet 🙂 animating her toys

      singing nursery rhymes with actions


      dancing together 🙂

      making daisy chains




      Isn’t this list A-MA-ZING? Can you tell from the photos the activities I captured??!


      Why did the parents want to have their photos at the Walthamstow Marshes?

      This was the second time I photographed this gorgeous family. Their first photo session was at their family home and, after their youngest daughter was born, they understandably wanted a different feel. The Marshes is a place where they usually go for walks at the weekends and where they have good memories such as their oldest child’s dance performances amongst the ornamental grasses, which she throws on a whim, or their beloved picnics and kite flying sessions. It was the perfect location for their photoshoot which was heavily geared towards capturing their family memories.

      The Marshes is also so versatile. There are the bits of forest, the open fields with long grasses and gorgeous trees! I’ve held so many sessions there and I never get bored with it. Actually, it’s always a pleasure and also it’s the perfect location for a family photography session with social distancing, which is very handy in the times we are living. Because we were shooting in an open space and in any way or form we had to compromise the photo quality because of Covid-19. The best of both worlds then: beauty and safety.


      How did you choose the outfits?

      We had a great text chat before the session where we exchanged photos of outfits. Mum could find a dress that she loved because it flattered her pos-labour body (her baby was just 4-5 months old at the time of the session)! I also suggested that we had a second option for her oldest daughter’s outfit, a sort of a scandi-tutu dress that I was happy to provide, which I knew would look special amongst the grasses.


      How did the session go? Any hiccups?

      None whatsoever. The session went by smoothly, we had so much fun, the toddler was set free to do the things that she most liked, the baby was an easy-going little one and did not cry even once. It was a proper fun family day out.

      There was one funny moment, though. After taking photographs amongst the long grasses in the Marshes, we went into the forest and as we were heading back to the open fields for the second set of photos on the long grasses, we realised they had just been mowed! Good thing the Marshes are so big – we were still able to find an intact patch of ornamental grass and finish the session!


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