Headshots and Lifestyle Portraits

      The Lifestyle Portrait Sessions go beyond an ordinary headshot. They are all about capturing a full range of expressions that convey the unique personality of each person I photograph.

      Meaningful backgrounds for your photos

      To go beyond a normal headshot, we’ll have to think about environmental portraits, as the location is so important to convey the mood we want to achieve. Do you like colours? Or do you prefer neutrals? Do you like rustic or a contemporary environment? Are you mad about patterns? Or do you feel happiest with natural and neutral? Is there a special place you really relate to? Do you have a cool corner of your home that you feel is just perfect?

      I have a big passion for street art, house doors and cool streets and have a collection of many great locations in London, including parks and open spaces, where we are spoilt for choice.


      I will ask you questions and guide you so photos have your stamp on them! I guarantee you’ll have enough variety so you can see yourself in the best light and fall in love with at least a couple of photographs (usually many more…!)  because, my friend, you deserve nothing less.

      My main sessions also make sure you have a selection of bespoke photos that will suit different needs (e.g., profile photo, environmental portraits, where we use a location to convey a meaning to the portraits, branding etc.)




      I will also pay special attention to your outfit(s) and how they relate to the location you want to be photographed. I will give you many tips on how to choose the best outfit for your session and the mood you are going for and also tips on the best makeup for the occasion.

      I absolutely love to craft the shoot to suit your taste and needs and guarantee we’ll have fun planning it. It’s also about capturing moments that feel authentic. My goal is to capture photos that feel effortless even though there was a lot of thought put into it.

      Do not worry if you are unsure about what you want. I have many tools to guide you through the many options.