Cloudy days are beautiful to photograph…

      Yep, contrary to popular believe, cloudy days have a very flattering light and, when it comes to photographing kids (that won’t stay still), it’s actually an easier light to work with! No worries there, then – the photos will look great if the sky is grey (I always warm them up in post-production so they won’t look grey and dull!)

      But what if the forecast predicts rain?

      Showers are more common than pouring rain and it’s very rare that the rain sticks for the whole session, so we can move to a covered area when it rains and carry on once it stops. Puddles, wellies and umbrellas make great children and family photos – the photos will still be very beautiful.

      We can also split the photo session between your home and a nearby park, so we can be indoors in case it rains and go outside when it stops.


      Grey days are a great opportunity to wear layers

      Scarves, tights + skirts, hats, vests, faux fur coats, fun jumpers, hoods – these all go really well in rainy and slightly colder days and they look gorgeous on photos. They also add a welcome variation to their looks! Kids usually like to play with these colourful accessories and they can usually cheer them up in the worst kind of weather.

      Okay, but if it’s pouring rain?

      We’ll have two options. We can either move the photoshoot to an indoor location – your home could be an option but we could also think together about a great location to go with your children. It’s also possible to postpone the session to the next day that we will both be available.