If you are reading this page, you probably have a baby that is so cute and is growing incredibly fast you want to have photos of this precious and intense time that you’ve been together.

      So, how does the mum and baby photo shoot work?

      The mum and baby photo shoot is extremely artistic and is all about capturing memories that will make you smile (and cheer you up!) The location can be anywhere but it has to evoke a meaning for you.

      Which location speaks to you?

      The neighbourhood park where you breastfed your baby in public for the first time, where your baby marvelled at the birds and made your heart jump? The gorgeous Hampstead Heath, where you’ve had wonderful memories of great days with your partner and want to extend them with your baby? Or you actually want a more documentary style and have your day to day with your munchkin beautifully and artistically captured?

      Treat Yourself

      No matter which location you choose, this is the time where you’ll be treating yourself to a fun experience that will result in gorgeous images of the connection you two have built together. It’s a well-deserved reward for all your HARD work.

      Any questions?

      Let me know if you have any questions or ideas you want to discuss. You’ll find the answers to the most common questions below and you can also see below many examples of indoor and outdoor mum and baby photographs. You can also send me a message – I’d love to hear from you.

      Which are the best ages to have my baby photographed?
      Any age works but my personal favourites is from 5 months up to when before the baby starts walking and becomes a toddler. That's when you have the most beautiful expressions and it's usually a period where the baby tends to be at their happiest.
      How long does it take?
      Babies have a very short attention span, and I find it that 90 to 120 minutes is perfect for getting a variety of photographs.
      What's the best time for the session?
      I ask the parents to book the session when their babies are at their happiest, which is usually early in the morning. In terms of light, the closer we are to the sunrise (or sunset), the best - and I'm always motivated to arrive at the location really early as long as it works for you as well.
      How much does it cost?
      Differently from the Lifestyle Family Photo Session, the mum and baby photo shoot has a fixed fee. The investment is £390 and it includes: • 90 to 120-minute photo session • +40 professionally edited high-res photos that you can print on your lab of your choice (I'll recommend the best one!) • An app where you can easily see your photos on your mobile and share with your friends and family.
      Will you give advice regarding the clothes for the session?
      Yes, I'd love to exchange some messages to find the colour palette that you gravitate around and that matches your location of choice. I also have many tips where you can find cute baby clothes that work for every style and budget.
      I'm about to go back to work and would like to have a headshot, can you fit it in?
      Absolutely, we can do it after the mum and baby photo session, when your baby will probably have gone for a well-deserved nap. The fee for two headshots is £50.
      How can I book?
      Just drop me a message and we'll find the best time that works for both of us. I highly recommend that you book the Mum and Baby Photo Session on a weekday, where parks and homes tend to be quieter!
      What happens after the session?
      You'll receive a password-protected gallery where you'll be able to choose your photos. You'll also have the opportunity to order selected printed artworks that will go with your home. Do not worry though, this is completely optional and there won't be any sort of hard sell.
      I have an older kid, can (s)he participate in the session?
      Of course (s)he can. In this case, the best session is the Lifestyle Family Photo Session, where we'll have more time to take photos of all of you together (including your partner, if that is the case), the siblings and also each kid individually.

      You can contact me in many different ways.

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